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Shamanic Healing

Come journey with us!  See the brilliant light you are and
Live a Life of Passion!

My heart and soul sings when I am involved in shamanic healing and counselling and this is where I feel powerful healing can take place.

My joy is to blend together different techniques in one session;
Intuitively designed especially for you, in that moment.

We can accumulate energies that do not belong in our system. These energies are referred to as “intrusions”. Shamanic Extraction Healing removes these “intrusions”, freeing up our energy.

When we have a loss of power, we are more susceptible to allowing unwanted energies into our system.  What is an intrusion?

It could simply be viruses and germs, illness and pain and negative self-talk.

It can also be from negative thoughts or vibrations directed to us when someone we are in communication with is feeling less than loving.

We can also store memories and learned behaviors in our body that no longer help us and in fact hinder our being in harmony. Even friends in need may be drawing on our energy without realizing it. 

When we experience a shock – emotional or physical, mental or spiritual, we can store it in our body.  Someone being angry with us can create  “intrusions” in our energy.  When we suffer a loss of power it affects our spirit and the last place that imbalance shows up is in the body.  Someone may still be energetically “attached” to our energy, although we no longer have this individual in our life.  These “attachments” can be removed, simply and gently for the benefit of both parties.

How does it help?

Through “Shamanic Extraction Healing” these energies can be gently and lovingly released and cleared away. Clients have reported feeling physically stronger, free of old physical pains, mentally and emotionally balanced and spiritually “light hearted”.

What is a Session Like?

You are lying down on a massage table or blanket, warm and cozy by firelight, with light drumming in the background. The Practitioner senses your energy field, looks within your body and removes any  “intrusions”.

This can take place without actually touching the body, or a “light” touch may be applied. You are then treated to a gentle hands-on healing energy treatment, filling your body with Light and the session ends by sealing your cleansed energy with the sounding of a Tibetan Bowl over your body.

When your body/spirit undergoes trauma (operations, accidents) you may lose soul essence.  Trauma healing for your body can return the full essence of specific body parts (e.g. knees, feet, organs) to facilitate healing.  You can also return to the body, the “spirit” of organs that have been removed. This can increase the healing power in the body to specific areas, and in so doing, brings balance to the whole body.

Journeying can be done on your behalf to ask spirit helpers for a healing for you. This can can done in person, or at a distance - which means without you being present.

SOUL REMEMBERING:  What was your soul excited about the moment before you came into form?

There can be episodes in our life that are so traumatic that part of our soul essence leaves in order to protect the soul from trauma. When the trauma is over, the soul part can return by itself, but sometimes it may not.

Once again, you are comfortably lying down, and the practitioner journeys beside you, to retrieve and return the lost soul essence.  Further sessions are given to help integrate this joyous return. 

Please note: It is NOT the wounded essence of your lost soul part that returns, but the PURE ESSENCE part that left, in order to protect it. In other words, we are not bringing back a "wounded" child or wounded aspects of yourself. 

This can be an exciting, powerfully healing experience. 

We begin with a personal "meeting" together to discuss the process and you can decide from there whether you wish to book a "Soul Retrieval".

It is not necessary to go into great detail about the trauma you have undergone, however, you may share information if you so wish to do so.

All you are required to do is to relax, and open as fully as possible to the healing!  See also:  Shamanic Life Coaching

Please call Anne at 613-546-1216

All services:  $60 an hour.